Monday, 6 July 2009

information of session...@tokyo

*初めての方向け"体験セット" (09/8/1~8/15まで)

●レイキヒーリング ショートセッション (30min) :: ¥3,000

●クリスタルヒーリング 初心者向けセッション(45min) :: ¥4,500


a:: レイキフルセッション(全身/50min) ¥5,000
b:: クリスタルヒーリング(90min) ¥8,000
a+b:: レイキ & クリスタルヒーリング(100min) ¥ 9,500


*The first experience set for one (while 1th.aug.09~15th.aug.09)

●Reiki Healing Short session (30min):: ¥3,000

●Crystal Healing for the first contact (45min) :: ¥ 4,500
*The intuition reading that chooses a favorite stone is not included here. 

* Menu Usually (It is addition in all courses counseling & herbal tea)
a::Reiki Full Session (Full body/50min)¥ 5,000

b::Crystal Healing (90min) ¥ 8,000

c::Reiki & Crystal Healing (100min) ¥ 9,500

There is what will arrange the content of the menu that hopes for the customer according to the physical condition and the state on that day, too.